About company

We are pleased to introduce our new Pro Bio brand. We are proud of our product quality, unique recipe and packaging. Pro Bio products are produced at the modern facility located in Western Russia. This ideal location enables us to source the finest and freshest produce from within Russia and the neighbouring countries all year round. The plant is equipped with advanced German machinery. Further, being closely situated to the largest port in St Petersburg, we can conveniently provide product delivery worldwide in an efficient manner. The whole production process is designed to produce delicious and high quality food for optimum health. Our company has 20 years experience in brand development and food supply all around the world. Our key advantage is a tight knit team of professionals with extensive experience in international trade. Our mission is to provide high class service and to build reliable and long lasting beneficial trading relationships. Our wealth of experience in the realm of merchandising in the international markets, together with our complex chain of supply, makes it possible for us promote and supply Pro Bio products all over the world.

8Product Benefits,key distinction from other manufacturers:

Preservatives free.Each jar is labelled with the slogan Live and Fermented. This means the product contains live microorganisms. We add fermentation with lactic-acid bacteria in order to maintain the most valuable elements in the final product

NON GMO. Does not contain substances harmful to health;

Vitamins and minerals. High concentration of vitamins B, C, E and minerals

Only natural! We use vegetables grown only in ecologically clean regions

Fresh product. Produced by using tested recipes within fermentation time limits

Low calorie food

ISO 22000 certified

HACCP certified