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Only fresh vegetables and natural fermentation


It doesn’t matter which Pro Bio product you choose, it will be a hit, without a doubt. Pro Bio Sauerkraut is a nutritious live & fermented vegetable food. Age-old fermentation techniques are the heroes of Pro Bio. Our sauerkraut is naturally fermented without vinegar and is full of good things. Pro Bio boasts low-calorie levels and is free from GMOs and nasty additives. The vegetables found in Pro Bio have all been grown in ecologically clean environments. Natural ingredients such as turmeric, horseradish, chilli pepper and celery create delicious flavours.

Use it as a side to any meal or as a salad. Add to burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches or wraps and plenty more.


Sauerkraut with Turmeric


Sauerkraut Traditional


Sauerkraut with Chilli Pepper


Sauerkraut with Celery


About us

We are pleased to introduce our new Pro Bio brand. We are proud of our product quality, unique recipe and packaging.

Pro Bio products are produced at the modern facility. The ideal location enables us to source the finest and freshest produce all year round. The plant is equipped with advanced German machinery. Further, being closely situated to the largest port in the region, we can conveniently provide product delivery worldwide in an efficient manner. The whole production process is designed to produce delicious and high-quality food for optimum health.



In Pro Bio we believe that healthy living starts with a healthy Gut Microbiome. Your gut microbiome is made up of trillions of bacteria, fungi and other microbes and plays a very important role in your health by helping control digestion and benefiting your immune system and many other aspects of health. One way to improve your gut health is to eat plenty of fermented foods.

Preservatives free and natural ingredients only! We use vegetables grown only in ecologically clean regions.

Vitamins and minerals. Naturally contains Vitamins A, D3, C, E and minerals

Fresh product. Produced by using tested recipes within fermentation time limits

ISO 22000 certified

Low-calorie food

Each jar is labelled: Live and Fermented. This means the product contains live microorganisms and has never been heated. We add fermentation with lactic-acid bacteria in order to maintain the most valuable elements in the final product

NON GMO. Does not contain substances harmful to health;

HACCP certified

Where we’re looking into

In Pro Bio we aim to make Fermented products popular and affordable not only in our native region but around the world. We are taking the advantage of our location with whole year round access to best quality vegetables , best recipes and life long experience in fermented food production.

distribution map


As well as adding a certain zest to foods, fermented foods boast all kinds of great health benefits. What is fermentation?  
Healthy gut bacteria have also been linked to lower levels of cortisol, which is known as the 'stress hormone' and is linked with stress and anxiety.
Sauerkraut.... It's a classic European staple. Truly, the Europeans have known the wonders of this fermented food for centuries.

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